Online Casino Terms And Conditions

Most casinos impose a minimum deposit rule as well. Casinos often require players to deposit a minimum amount for the welcome bonus to activate.

Disclaimer / General

ProgressPlay Ltd (the "Company") operates the Site, which is located at 3A Punchbowl Centre, Elia Zammit Street, St. Julians, Malta STJ3154. The company operates online games under a Malta Gaming Authority licence issued on April 16, 2013, and is licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom under account number 39335 by the Gambling Commission. Gambling can be addictive. Take precautions.

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Company's online and mobile gaming services. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Services. Please keep in mind that these Terms and Conditions are legally enforceable.

Our privacy statement and betting guidelines are included. You accept our privacy policy and betting rules by accepting these terms.


Unless otherwise specified, the meanings of the following words and phrases are listed next to them:

  • $ - The currency of your account.

  • "Account" refers to a personal account created by a person in order to play Games on the Site.
  • The term "bet" refers to your wager on an Event.

  • "Company Network" refers to the following websites: The UKGC-regulated sites are listed below, and the Malta Gaming Authority-regulated sites are listed below.

  • The term "Games" refers to all Site games, including Events.

  • "Event" refers to any site-provided Bet.

  • Austria, Australia, Belgium, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, and additional jurisdictions blocked by the Company at its sole discretion are examples of "Restricted Territories." This list is subject to change at any time by the Company.

  • The term "Services" refers to the Company's Games and other Site offerings.

  • The term "complaint" refers to dissatisfaction with Services as defined in Chapter O.

  • A "Dispute" is defined as a Complaint that has not been resolved by the Company within the initial 8-week period specified in Chapter O below.

  • "Site" refers to any website, mobile site, or mobile app owned by the company.

  • The Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, directors, officers, agents, suppliers, consultants, and contractors are referred to as "We, Our, or Us."

C. The Legal Effect of Terms and Conditions

You agree to be bound by and follow the Terms and Conditions, as they may be updated, by using the Site, registering at the Site, or using one of the Services.

These terms are subject to change at any time by the company. Any changes to the T&C will be communicated to you before they take effect. Any Bet placed prior to the effective date of the revised Terms and Conditions will be governed by those terms. If you disagree with the change, you should stop using the Site and Services. If you wish to discontinue use of the Site and Services following a change to the Terms and Conditions, you must withdraw all available funds and close Your Account.

All prior agreements between You and the Company on the subject matter are superseded by these Terms and Conditions. You confirm that you have not relied on any representation other than those made by the Company in agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

D. Qualification

You may only use the Services if you abide by the following rules:

You are at least 18 years old or of legal gambling age in your country (whichever is greater); underage gambling is prohibited.

You own or are authorized to use a valid payment method;

The use of the Services does not violate any laws or regulations. You agree that if you live or are present in a jurisdiction where using the Site's Services is prohibited (including any Restricted Territories), you will refrain from engaging in the prohibited activity.

You are not a participant or have any control over an Event or Bet;

You have not self-excluded from another Company Network account, including sites licensed by the Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority;

The Services are only available to players who are permitted to gamble online or on mobile devices. The company will not allow you to break the law. You acknowledge that you will use the Site and/or Services in accordance with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations. The offering or availability of the Services shall not be construed or interpreted as an offer or invitation to use the Services by Us if You reside in a jurisdiction where such use is currently prohibited by law (including the Restricted Territories) or where the Company, in its sole discretion, elects not to offer Services. You must determine whether or not using the Site and/or Services is legal in the jurisdiction in which you live and/or use them. We make no express or implied representations or warranties about the legality of the Services, the Site, or anyone's participation in the Services through this Site. We are not liable for Your unauthorised use of the Site. You must comply with all applicable laws before registering or using any of the services on this site. Consult a local attorney if you have any questions about the legality of using the Site and/or Services.

Employees, directors, and officers of the Company, as well as members of their families, affiliates, or subsidiaries, and all other persons connected, directly or indirectly, to the Company's computer systems or security system, as well as any person involved in the operation of this Site and its establishment, including, but not limited to, advertising, promotion, and fulfilment agencies, insurers and legal advisers, webmasters and web suppliers, and all other persons connected, directly or indirectly, to the Company's computer systems or security system For the sake of clarity, it is clarified that any person who is not eligible to participate as aforesaid - and any other person who substitutes for such excluded person - is also ineligible for any of the prizes offered or referred to by the Site, and the Company reserves the right to suspend the Account (including freezing all funds deposited within) and void all bonuses, winnings, and bonus winnings in the Account.

Account Registration

Anyone who wishes to use the Services must first register and create an Account.

The company will review your details, information, and documents as part of our "know your customer" process. In exceptional circumstances, such as a high fraud score, suspicious details, a large number of deposits, multiple IPs used to access the Account, unusual game play activity, or Your jurisdiction, the Company will conduct additional "know your customer" processes.

You must keep your Identification Details private and not share them with anyone. You are solely liable for any unauthorized use of Your ID. If You lose Your Identification Details due to circumstances other than the Company's fault, the Company will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss.

This website allows only one account. At its sole and absolute discretion, the Company may block or close any or all of Your Accounts, in which case it may void all bonuses, winnings, and bonus winnings in the Accounts and return all deposited funds.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to open or close an Account at its sole discretion and without explanation. All contracts will be honored.

You represent that You, not a third party, registered Your Account.

By opening an Account, you represent, warrant, acknowledge, and agree that (a) the details you submit during registration are true and correct, and that you will update them if anything changes, (b) Your Account is for Your personal use only, and shall not be used by any third party, (c) any funds You deposit in the Account may and will be used by You solely for playing the Games and/or using the Services, (d) the Company is not a financial institution, and funds in Your (e) You are of sound mind and are capable of accepting responsibility for your actions. (f) You must read and comprehend the Games' rules and procedures. (g) You are aware of the possibility of losing bets in the Games. (h) You will work with the company and truthfully provide all requested documents. I You have verified that Your use of the Services does not violate any applicable laws or regulations; (j) You are solely responsible for recording, paying, and accounting to any relevant governmental, taxation, or other authority for any tax or other levy that may be payable due to Your use of the Site (including payment of winnings); and (k) You will use the Services in good faith towards the Company and other users of the Services. (l) You will be solely responsible for all losses incurred as a result of placing bets on the Site and participating in the Games. (m) If You violate any provision of these Terms and Conditions, the Company may, at its sole discretion, open, maintain, and/or close Your Account (provided that existing contractual obligations are honored), as well as suspend Your Account (including freezing all deposited funds) and void all bonuses, winnings, and bonus winnings in Your Account. (n) You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Account details (including Your user name and password), as well as any and all actions and transactions taken in connection with Your Account by anyone who enters Your Account while using Your details, and all such actions and transactions shall be deemed as actions and transactions taken by You. (o) You will promptly notify the Company of any suspected unauthorised use of Your Account.

You also represent, warrant, acknowledge, and agree that (a) You will not use Your Account, and will not allow a third party to use Your Account, for Prohibited Actions or Irregular Playing Patterns; (b) if You perform any Prohibited Action, the Company may disclose all of Your details and information to the relevant authorities, suspend Your Account (including freezing all funds deposited within), and void all bonuses, winnings, and bonus winnings in Your Account; and (c) (f) the means of payment (e.g. credit (not available in the UK) and debit card, e-wallet, etc.) information You provided the Company in connection with Your Account are of means of payment owned by You and in Your name (or that the owner of the means of payment provided You with all required consent to use that means of payment for placing a wager via the Site, and You are acting in accordance with that consent, and You are acting in accordance with that consent).